Interview: Modla X Reebok 3D printed Athlete’s Mask

Reebok, like parent company adidas, continues to explore the application of 3D printing to sportswear. The latest 3D printing project comes in the form of a collaboration with London’s Modla – 3D printing and design specialists. I caught up with Modla co-founder Rich Goddard to learn more ab...

Categories: Inside 3D Printing
Posted on Jan 12, 2018

3D printing news Sliced Reebok, Carbon, Stratasys, GE Additive, 3D Systems and Shakespeare

How much does it cost to 3D print a metal faucet? What is CFAM? Can you 3D print PEEK on a desktop? In today’s edition of Sliced, 3D Printing Industry’s news digest, we report the latest stories from Stratasys, GE Additive, 3D Systems, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Arconic, Carbon and m...

Categories: Inside 3D Printing
Posted on Jan 10, 2018