3D printed micro-ships get a drug test from leading U.S. universities

In a development reminiscent of science-fiction, microscopic, 3D printed ships have proved capable of treating damaged brain tissue. The latest device to seemingly receive shrink-ray treatment is the Biocage – a porous cylinder resembling a rudimentary rocket, or a bullet. The Biocage has been...

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Posted on Jan 5, 2018

Leading U.S. researchers demonstrate layer-free volumetric 3D printing

Volumetric 3D printing, also known as hologram 3D printing, has the potential to expedite light-based additive manufacturing in a way never seen before. The power of the process lies in its ability to cure objects in a single step, abandoning the use of support structures and the typical layer-by-la...

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Posted on Dec 11, 2017

Leading 3D printing enterprises respond to FDA guidance for medical sector

3D printing for healthcare and medical applications is an area where significant progress has already been made. The recent statement by FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb on 3D printing for the medical sector also reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to a “new era of 3D printing of medical produ...

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Posted on Dec 9, 2017

SLM Solutions reports €29 million revenue, focused on leading metal additive technology

Metal additive manufacturing company, SLM Solutions has reported revenue of €29 million for the first half of 2017. This is a 13.5% decrease on the comparative figure of €33.5 million for 2016. However, new order intake grew during the reporting period by 17.9%, reaching €35.3 million. The com...

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Posted on Aug 10, 2017

3D printed vascular patch promotes blood vessel growth to address leading cause of death

Researchers from Boston University College of Engineering have developed a new method for treating ischemia, by 3D printing a vascular patch which encourages blood vessel … 3D Printing Industry admin...

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Posted on Jun 16, 2017