3D printed vascular patch promotes blood vessel growth to address leading cause of death

Researchers from Boston University College of Engineering have developed a new method for treating ischemia, by 3D printing a vascular patch which encourages blood vessel … 3D Printing Industry admin...

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Posted on Jun 16, 2017

3D Printed VR for Kids (and for a Good Cause)

By Michael Molitch-Hou Not long ago, I was treated to just about every project that Structure Sensor power user and host of the All Things 3D podcast Mike Balzer was working on. His numerous projects covered everything from a virtual operating room for medical education to accessories for making 3D ...

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Posted on Nov 24, 2015

Will $2 Million Investment Cause Pirate3D to Address KS Community or Abandon Them?

By Andrew Wheeler Pirate3D once had a record breaking Kickstarter campaign, raising $ 1, 438, 765 through backers of the now infamous Buccaneer 3D printer.  But, if you scroll down on that Kickstarter campaign, you will see how badly Pirate3D has disappointed their backers:  Unbelievably long shi...

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Posted on Feb 14, 2015

3D Printing a Small Part for a Big Cause

By Michael Molitch-Hou Though humans may be the most powerful species on the planet, the Earth’s ecosystem is home to about 8.7 million different species.  Despite the small slice of biodiversity that people represent, humanity is responsible for the death of half of the world’s wildlif...

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Posted on Nov 2, 2014