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Dell Jumps Into the 3D Printing World with a Relationship with MakerBot

In late February Dell Computer will add six MakerBot 3D printers to their third party product offering lineup. Coupled with high end workstations (for CAD/CAM) with high resolution monitors these solutions will enable small and medium size businesses to take advantage of the benefits of on-site prototype and short run manufacturing on the desktop (or large, stable table).

ScannerNow, Dell of course has been in the news recently for a variety of not so great reasons. Their effort to go private, the loss of market share leadership in the PC market and other news has not been great for the folks in Austin. However, they still have a potent direct sales force and their never ending advertising in virtually every type of media around. The surge in interest in 3D printing seems like a good opportunity for them.

The exclusive arrangement for MakerBot at Dell (for how long, it does not say) is a great opportunity, and they should get a nice bump in printer and scanner sales. Dell will also learn what the market requires as far as the “right” printer and what support issues will look like. With the printers and scanner so new there are bound to be growing pains as less sophisticated users purchase them. While hobbyists love to tinker, the small scale manufacturer will be less tolerant of that sort of nonsense.

There will be more of these types of arrangements in the months ahead. We’ll keep our eyes open and let you know how things go.

This is the complete Dell and MakerBot announcement.

Robert Zollo
A “serial entrepreneur”, Bob has founded two companies that have contributed to the advancement of desktop FDM 3D printing, one in the software arena and one in the FDM plastic materials category.
Recognizing that desktop 3D printing has the potential to become as valuable and ubiquitous as personal computers in industry, Robert’s vision for is to educate, promote and assist the vast number of design, engineering and manufacturing professionals seeking to incorporate desktop 3D printing as part of their work process.
Posted on Feb 5, 2014