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Desktop 3D Printing is Coming to Manufacturing Now!

Proforma 3D Printing covers desktop 3D printing products, trends, technology and commercial applications for prototyping and manufacturing.

If you are responsible for designing, prototyping, testing, manufacturing or marketing of plastic parts or products, and you want to learn how to apply cost-effective 3D printing products to leverage your business, then this is the one on-line publication that provides you what you need to know.

We cut through the puffery and geeky stuff to provide meaningful information on what to buy and how to use 3D printing products to save time, improve quality and produce useful printed parts.

Our staff travels the world to identify new and significant applications of desktop 3D printing to provide our readers with important trends relating to making parts and products of economic value.

If you want to get “up the learning curve” and see how to use affordable 3D printing techniques to improve your business, is the right for you. Welcome!